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Associate Membership Brochure 2018 

Associate Member Application Form

You may download an application form and mail to:

Suffolk County Village Officials Association
69 Chichester Road
Huntington, NY 11743

Associate Membership Application Form 2018

Associate Membership Dues: $1750 per year
Please make checks payable to SCVOA

Alternatively, please complete this form to start your application. SCVOA will send you an invoice to complete the process.

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Please Note

The Suffolk County Village Officials Association (“SCVOA”) is an unincorporated association of villages acting through their elected Mayor and Trustee representatives; thus, while SCVOA is not a municipal organization, nor does it transact municipal business, it strives for the highest ethical standards and is sensitive to the legal and ethical restrictions on its member representatives.

While the by-laws of SCVOA permit the Executive Board to offer non-voting Associate Memberships to organizations and/or persons whose activities are, in the opinion of the Executive Board, sufficiently related to the purposes of the Association, such Associate Membership may be revoked by the Executive Board at any time, without notice, and for any reason deemed by the Executive Board to be consistent with the good management of the Association.

Associate Members are therefore cautioned that their membership does not entitle them to any special consideration in any member village. No legal advantage is gained by membership in the Association, and none should be sought. The purposes of the Association emphasize the encouragement and stimulation of inter-village cooperation and mutual education, and it is to foster these goals that Associate Membership exists.