A Word from SCVOA President Ray Fell

Welcome to the Suffolk County Village Officials Association Web Site and Communications Platform. SCVOA is a not-for-profit advocacy organization and information resource consisting of 32 incorporated villages representing more than 125,000 Suffolk County village residents. Our Executive Board works tirelessly in its commitment to create a strong, effective, cohesive group that promotes an exchange of ideas and strategies with the goal of helping village government better serve its residents.

Since 1934, SCVOA has supported the autonomy of villages and responsive, efficient local government. Rich in history and diversity, the villages of Suffolk County face some issues that are unique to a specific village and others that affect the County as a whole. Whether we’re supporting one village on a specific issue, or all of the villages on a common issue — such as the 2% property tax cap — SCVOA’s mission is to help each village meet the challenges it faces.

SCVOA is a resource you can count on to provide the latest updates on emerging issues and current legislation, as well as the progress and developments in your neighboring villages. If you’re a Mayor, take this opportunity to visit our Mayor’s Blog and let us know what you’re thinking. Share your ideas, concerns, and interesting information or news with other Mayors and help strengthen the valuable connection among village officials.

Now, more than ever, we need to stand together, support one another, and fight for our interests. As President, I welcome all concerns and encourage you to contact me at any time.