September 10, 2014

Minutes of the meeting of the Executive Board of the Suffolk County Village Officials’ Association held on September 10, 2014 at the Irish Coffee Pub, 131 Carleton Ave., East Islip, New York.


Board Members present:       Mayor Ralph Scordino, President

Mayor Richard Smith, 2nd Vice President

Mayor Thomas Brennan

Mayor Timothy Hogue

Mayor Peter Imbert, President Emeritus

Also Present:                          Hon. Paul J. Tonna, Executive Director

Hon. Peter A. Bee, Legal Counsel (Bee Ready Fishbein Hatter &

Donovan, LLP)



President-Mayor Scordino called the meeting to order at approximately 6pm. The attendees discussed the following items:


I.          Approval of Minutes/General Business

  1. Minutes for the meeting of August 6, 2014 were unavailable due to the absence of Counsel Bee from that meeting.
  2. Director Tonna updated the Board regarding the status of the “Long Island Water Quality Bill” including his prediction that the Bill this coming legislative session.
  3. Director Tonna noted that the 2015 Directory target date for publishing was January 2015, and that Project Director Young was working diligently on same


  1. Old Business/Action Steps
  2. The SC TVB Ticket issue was reported Director Tonna (in the absence of 1st Vice President Dorman) as a contiuing work in progress


  1. Calendar of Events
  2. There was a brief discussion regarding planning/scheduling for “satellite village meetings” and the need for dates/locations, and the continued need for the Executive Board to be in communication with other Mayors encouraging attendance and general SC VOA participation.
  3. There was a brief discussion of plans for the Fall Municipal Training and the likely inclusion of “Obama-care” as a topic (as it relates to Villages). It was noted that the location would be the LI Huntington Hilton, and the following tentative agenda was noted:
    1. Introductory Presentation      Counsel Bee (mentioning various SC VOA “updates” as well as status of “water bill,” including Sen. Martins opposition to same. (In passing, various members of the Executive Board indicated their intention to bring personal donations for Senator Martins’ campaign at the next Executive Board meeting scheduled for Oct 8).
    2. Session Topics for Session I (to include Emergency Preparedness [PSEG-LI], Zoning Board Basics [Kevin Walsh of VHB, and Anthony Guardino of Farrell Fritz]
    3. Session Topics for Session II (to include SEQRA Basics {Joe Prokop], the Affordable Care Act [Alyson Matthews of Lamb & Barnosky]


The concept of the SC VOA “Core” Program was further discussed. The Board was also encouraged by the Executive Director to communicate with other Mayors to increase attendance.


  1. SC VOA Outreach
  2. Recent SCVOA Alerts were noted, and it was expressed that they were generating a positive response from villages
  3. There was discussion about the planned meetings with newly elected Mayors. Director Tonna indicated he would circulate meeting times/places and expected attendees.
  4. Director Tonna inquired about possible nominees for a “Village Innovation” Award
  5. Director advised the Board that there was continue progress regarding setting up a “mass texting” arrangement for Mayors
  7. It was confirmed that the renewal packets were sent out Septemeber 8.
  8. Mayors were again asked to identify village vendors.



The continuing website redesign was acknowledged, and it was anticipated that it would be available for a “showing” at the October meeting.


  1. Financials

Reviewed, details submitted, including status of membership dues


The meeting ended at approximately 8:30pm.

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